Search Strategies

There are more ways to find a career than ever before. Between job boards and social media, career fairs and networking, your opportunities are endless! Here we’ll outline search strategies to make the most out of these platforms.

5 Student Tips for Making Money While Traveling the World

When you’re studying abroad or exploring on your gap year, you’re going to need some money to take care of yourself. It’s hard to work a traditional job while bouncing from place to place, but there are a few jobs you can count on to be there wherever you land. There are even some jobs Read more…

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Great Tips to Make Career Decisions

Losing a job nowadays is much easier than finding one – amply highlighted by the global economic recession that began in 2008. Thousands of employees worldwide, especially in the US, lost their jobs overnight as banks and financial institutions jumped in to stem their losses by foreclosures of loans. Hundreds of employees laid off nearly Read more…

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Cities Where College Graduates Should Migrate To

People go to college and work hard for years in order to live a life others can only dream about. Do you actually think it’s going to happen? It will for some people – and it’s not just because of the profession they’re going into. A big part of being successful is packing your bags Read more…

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Searching for Opportunity: My Job Hunt Story

In the summer of 2014, I had just finished my first year at university. Commuting was helping to save the family money, but it left me with little money for myself after I had to quit my job to accommodate the lost time travelling. I had worked at a Shoppers Drug Mart ten minutes away Read more…

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How to Find a Medical Career You’ll Love

The medical field is extremely broad and has hundreds of different jobs. From administration to brain surgery and everything in between, the options for a career in the medical field are abundant. There are many aspects to a career to consider in order to find a medical career you’ll love. Knowing what’s important, finding your Read more…

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7 Ways Furthering Your Education Will Help You Land a More Professional Career

There are many great reasons to pursue a professional career, but education is often essential for certain professions. Those considering careers in areas such as law, business, or medicine must consider the costs, but education can be a catalyst for advancement. Here are seven ways education can benefit your professional career. 1. Professional Requirements Certain Read more…

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Quick Ways to Make Money While You’re Studying

An independent and fun-filled life is the fantasy of every college student. However, with the limited financial budget of a student, this fantasy remains just that – a fantasy. Moreover, college loan repayment is another obstacle that not only prevents this kind of life for students but also prevents them from investing independently and earning Read more…

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A Crash Course in Deciding the Right Career For You

While you’re in high school, even just graduating seems like the biggest challenge you’ll face. Once you’re finished? It’s ‘where to?’ from here. Deciding on the right career path for you is all about balance. Be too impulsive and you might not find what you’re looking for; take the advice of others to heart? You Read more…

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4 Modern Job Search Tips for University & College Grads

Leaving college and starting your first job is a stressful and confusing time for most of us. After four years of classes, internships, and exams, you’re finally ready to get out there and start a life of your own with your own job and making your own money. But today’s workforce is a competitive place Read more…

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Job Hunting in the Digital Age

This infographic was contributed by guest author Nick Rojas.

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