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How to Afford Starting a New Business Right After College

For many college graduates, the first step on the employment ladder is either unappealing or non-forthcoming. Those with a burning business idea are tempted to go it alone and put their entrepreneurial spirit to the test. However, a common stumbling block in getting a new business off the ground is the lack of funds available Read more…

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3 Vital Professionals Students Need (and Can Become)

School is more than a launchpad to a job or more school. School is fertile ground for students to explore careers through professionals who help them every day. The National Center for Education Statistics reports student enrollment in higher education programs has increased dramatically since the start of the century. With students of all backgrounds Read more…

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What Do Education Majors Need Most to Excel as Teachers?

Many people dream of being a teacher, working with children and helping them to become successful individuals. While majoring in education, there are some key characteristics and tangible things that you will need. Each of these four items and qualities will help you to excel in your career as a teacher. Communication Skills As a Read more…

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6 Things You Should Know Before Starting Your Writing Career

Starting a new career in any industry can be a scary endeavor, and that’s no less true for writing. Career writing is filled with uncertainty, more so than most other careers, but being a little more informed can help it seem less daunting. So if you’re a prospective writer, here are a couple of key Read more…

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8 Skills You Can Learn From Home And Absolutely For Free

There is no excuse not to sharpen your digital skills in this modern day. The Internet has made many things possible; among them the ability to study for free to attain all manner of skills – right at the comfort of your space. The most marketable skills are digital skills because you have to keep Read more…

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What Employers Look For In Your Social Media

Do you know that over 60% of employers actually look at a potential employee’s social media profiles in order to help make their final decision? It is important that all job seekers know what is on their social media accounts and steps they can take in order to have their social media actually help with Read more…

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Degrees for Small-Business Minded Students

According to a study by MarketWatch, 80% of US students have part-time jobs while they’re in school. Many of those jobs are in retail. Students are attracted to retail jobs for a whole slew of reasons – flexible scheduling and demand, for starters. But one of the things that makes many students fall in love Read more…

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How to Find a Medical Career You’ll Love

The medical field is extremely broad and has hundreds of different jobs. From administration to brain surgery and everything in between, the options for a career in the medical field are abundant. There are many aspects to a career to consider in order to find a medical career you’ll love. Knowing what’s important, finding your Read more…

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7 Ways Studying Abroad Will Prepare You For an Internship

Last January, I embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. I packed up my bags and moved 6,074 miles away from my college in San Diego to study at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. During the four months that I studied in Milan, I traveled to 11 different countries and 22 different cities. While I Read more…

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The Body Language Slips That Successful People Never Make

This article was contributed by guest author David Keane.

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