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What College Students Should Know About Plagiarism

Most college-level courses require a formal paper, whether it is a term paper or a weekly learning objectives essay. Beyond the basic structures and formats of essay writing, students have a responsibility of honesty in their writing. Plagiarism includes copying an entire paper, but something as little as a four- or five-word phrase can be Read more…

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How the FAFSA Works

Looking for a college, applying, and getting in is complicated enough. But throw the FAFSA on top of that, and you’ve got a recipe for a serious headache. The FAFSA, which stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is a form which college students in the United States can fill out in order to Read more…

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7 Tools to Improve Your Productivity As a Student

When our brains get overwhelmed by everything we have to do in college, they have a tendency to shut down. You can’t afford for your brain to take a vacation – you need it to finish all of your work. A little organization and structure will go a long way in keeping you productive. With Read more…

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How the latest edu tech can help you get a tutor in seconds

Tutoring is a widespread profession that spans through generations; however, it has nearly gone extinct now that technology has taken over the lead. With the advent of the internet, online tutoring is gaining momentum. The latest edu tech we now have available can help anyone get a competent tutor in seconds. Teaching a course online Read more…

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Excel Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Excel Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet from New Horizons Learning Solutions This article was contributed by guest author Rocco Lungariello.

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4 Intrinsic Degree Programs for New Students

When starting out in college, many students struggle to find direction. A great degree can also make the difference between stagnation in the workplace and bountiful career advancements in new territories. Take a look at these four degree programs to increase your knowledge and carve out a future of leadership, innovation, and success. Graphic Design Read more…

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The Power Of Technology: How To Use Your Phone To Make School As Easy As Possible

Cellphones are no longer mere communication devices. With the advent of advanced systems on chip products such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon series, you can now carry an entire PC in your pocket. Additionally, there are services that allow for complex data manipulation via powerful remotely-accessible computers. This change in how data is interacted with in Read more…

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A Guide to Overcoming Procrastination – Infographic

If procrastination is your worst enemy, you’ll want to check this out: This infographic was contributed by guest author Garvin Ferdinand

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Career Success: 5 Great Reasons to do an MBA

Success isn’t something people stumble upon by chance. It’s an intersection of skill, knowledge, and willpower – an endless supply of it. How you go about building willpower is up to you, but in order to build a solid foundation of skill and knowledge, an MBA degree is unequivocally crucial. But with the rising costs Read more…

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Hit the Ground Running: 5 Tips for Incoming College Freshmen

High school is finally over and you can’t wait to head off to college. The next four (or five) years will be some of your best, but you might get to campus and find yourself suddenly nervous and overwhelmed. Here are a few tips to help incoming freshmen get off on the right foot. Don’t Read more…

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